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At Barefoot Podiatry, we strive to provide the very best in diagnosing foot and lower-limb related pathology and construct the most appropriate and individualize short and/or long-term treatment regimes. Here also, we aim for high standards in all areas of Podiatry, treating the body as a whole unit, finding the cause of your problem by assessing head to toe, and providing knowledge on self-management and prevention strategies...read more

"Helping you put your best foot forward"

Michael Nitschke
B.Pod, MAPod, SMA
Podiatry Services
Podiatry Services
Barefoot Podiatry provide a range of general podiatry services for you and your family including...
General Podiatry
Orthotic Treatment
Childrens Development
Podiatry Footwear
Barefoot Podiatry provide professional advice on footwear for sports and leisure that ensure you are giving your feet the best chance to be healthy.
Sports Footwear
Footwear Facts
Sports Services
Sports Services
Barefoot Podiatry provide a range of sports podiatry services to help you avoid injury or help you bounce back from one.
Sports Injury Treatment
Sports Specific Services
Perspective of an Athlete

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