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Barefoot Podiatry is a podiatry clinic located 3 minutes drive from the city center in the western suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia with the Sports & Arthritis Clinic.

At Barefoot Podiatry, we strive to provide the very best in diagnosing foot and lower-limb related pathology and construct the most appropriate and individualize short and/or long-term treatment regimes. Here also, we aim for high standards in all areas of Podiatry, treating the body as a whole unit, finding the cause of your problem by assessing head to toe, and providing knowledge on self-management and prevention strategies.

Our aim is to provide a first class professional service using modern treatments to improve our client’s health and wellbeing.

Why Choose Us?

Accredited PodiatritsHICAPS available

  • Your Podiatrist is a member of the Australian Podiatry Association (MPodA), and also is an ‘accredited podiatrist’ which is recognition for on-going updates in modern Podiatry knowledge.
  • A tranquil and therapeutic environment.
  • No Doctor referral needed for general treatments.
  • Convenience of extended opening hours, early and late opening hours during the week.
  • MEDICARE BENEFITS (Accepts referrals from GP’s for EPC patients).
  • VETRAN AFFAIRS BENEFITS (Accepts referrals from GP’s for patients with DVA gold card).
  • Convenience of on-the-spot health refunds via HICAPS.
  • HICAPS, EFTPOS & credit card facilities available.
  • Convenient onsite parking.

Podiatrist(s): Michael Nitschke – Bpod (2006), MApodA, SMA, AAPSM

Michael Nitschke

Michael Nitschke is the
founder and director of
Barefoot Podiatry

Michael Nitschke was trained at the University of South Australia (Bachelor of Podiatry), where he graduated in 2006, and has practiced in for the past 3 years in array of private practice settings in South Australia, and has experience in all areas of Podiatry. Other qualifications include: certificate 3 and 4 in fitness and level one sports training (Sports Medicine Australia).

In his spare time, Michael is an extremely committed track athlete, competing as a professional athlete in SA and interstate on a regular basis and has achieved a great deal on the track. It is this athletic experience that gives Michael an advantage in dealing with other amateur, junior and elite athletes.

Michael’s interest in athletics and other sports have allowed him to focus on musculo-skeletal injuries of the foot and lower-limb. With a great understanding of anatomy and biomechanics, his main focus is in diagnosing and using modern treatment methods in order to solve and prevent injuries. Michael also made a keen effort to focus on the lower-limb development of children and the development of sporting injuries related to growth and postural alignment.

Michael is also a guest lecturer at the University of South Australia (Bachelor of Podiatry) in the areas of Athletic Footwear and Running Injuries.

Michael’s further qualification as a fitness trainer allows him to also specialise in the area of gym rehabilitation (postural correction) and creating advance strength and conditioning training regimes, along with his passion to assist those needing help with running technique and sports specific strength work for athletes.

Born and bred and Loxton, Michael has also a Barefoot Podiatry clinic in the main street of Loxton. Barefoot Podiatry operates from the Loxton Chiropractic Clinic, three days in every month. Barefoot Podiatry offers all the same services in Loxton that is offered in Evandale.


Opening Hours

 Monday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Therapeutic Stretching Class)
 Tuesday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
 Thursday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
 Friday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
 Saturday Via Appointment

Appointment Options

We aim to be punctual to meet the needs of busy people; however we also aim to ensure that our clients receive a careful, personalised service with a minimum of 30 minutes contact time with their podiatrist.

 Initial Consultations (including full assessment) 60 Minutes
 Standard (follow up) Consultations: 30 Minutes
 Biomechanical Examinations/Gait Analysis 45 Minutes
 Extended Consultations 45 – 60 Minutes
 Therapeutic Stretching Classes 60 Minutes
 Rehabilitation Sessions 45 – 60 Minutes
 Sports Specific (technical) Sessions 45 – 60 Minutes

Appointment Policy

We would appreciate 24 hours notice should an appointment need to be cancelled to allow us time to fill the appointment space, however we understand that emergencies are unavoidable. Once you commence treatment with one of our podiatrist we envisage that you will continue with that therapist.

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