Orthotic Treatment

It is evident that the foot plays a large role in the biomechanics of the lower-limb, and that many foot and lower-limb problems may arise if the mechanics of the foot are not functioning correctly.

Foot & Lower-Limb Assessment

Orthotic Treatment

Orthotic Treatment

The practitioner(s) at Barefoot Podiatry pride themselves on their knowledge of foot and lower-limb anatomy and biomechanics and using valid and reliable techniques to determine abnormal mechanical function and thus diagnose foot and lower-limb pathology.

A typical biomechanical assessment at Barefoot Podiatry is extremely thorough and designed to get down to the bottom of you problem with an accurate diagnosis and treatment regime to match. The assessment will typically take 60 to 90 minutes, and will include the following:

  • Non weight-bearing and weight-bearing assessment of the foot and leg
  • Foot and Leg Range of Motion studies
  • Qualitative Muscle and Joint Testing
  • Walking Gait Analysis (using Visual Gait Analysis and specific computer assessment software)
  • Running Gait Analysis (using Visual Gait Analysis and specific computer assessment software)
  • Footwear Assessment (wear patterns)
  • Assessment of activity or training regime, identifying possible training errors

Treatment of Foot and Lower-Limb Injury using Orthotic Therapy

Barefoot Podiatry’s customised functional orthotics are a device which is accurately designed to optimize structural integrity of the joints of your foot and lower-limb, by resisting abnormal ground reaction forces and eliminating tissue damaging forces that lead to lower-limb injury.

Orthotic Treatment

There are many orthotics available to Barefoot Podiatry clients:

  • Pre-Fabricated (Adjustable) Orthotics – Formthotics
  • Soft and Dense EVA orthotics (2/3rd and full Length)
  • Flexible and Rigid Polypropylene and Carbon Fiber/Superform Orthotics
  • Hard and Soft wedges for sports specific footwear (football boot, racing flats or track spikes)

Barefoot Podiatry’s biomechanical assessments are for everyone, young and old. We deal with the clients who sustain day to day injuries all the way through to the Elite Athlete(s). Chris Wigell is the World Short Course Triathlon Champion, aged 20–24 years) – read Chris’s testimonial here.

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