Sports Specific Services

Lower-Limb Dry Needling

Lower-Limb Dry Needling

Is the use of a very fine and single use sterile needle (acupuncture needle) that is inserted into anatomical trigger point (usually painful tight regions) of the lower-limb.

Many research studies have found this technique can be extremely effective in reliving pain associated with tightness that can occur in trigger points, and does so by normalizing blood flow to allow correct cell function to occur. There are also chemicals released that will assist in tissue repair.

Assisted One-on-One Stretching Regimes (PNF, Static & Dynamic)

Therapeutic Stretching

Stretching regimes have been shown to have many beneficial effects, from reliving pain and soreness, reducing injury risk and increasing flexibility levels to improve athletic and everyday performance. The practitioner(s) at Barefoot Podiatry use many stretching techniques along with give you a specified weekly stretching regime for you to perform at home. Some of the techniques use are:

  • Static is stretching a muscle to its end point and holding this position for a certain length of time, which can be done alone or assisted by the practitioner (Passive stretching). This is the most common form of stretching and is good for increasing flexibility.
  • Dynamic Stretching is the movement of body parts and gradually increase range of motion and speed with a controlled motion. This type of stretching is perfect for increasing ‘dynamic’ flexibility, and good for specific movements that take place in your sport.
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) an advanced form of flexibility which involves both stretching and contracting of the targeted muscle(s). This form of stretching is great for rehabilitation, along with developing increased range of motion and increasing muscular strength.

Barefoot Podiatry also holds a Therapeutic Stretching Class 1 – 2 x weekly, which involves all of the above techniques.

Foot & Lower-Limb Strengthening & Specific Rehabilitation

Foot & Lower-Limb Strengthening & Specific Rehabilitation

Various techniques are used at Barefoot Podiatry to increase foot and lower-limb strength to increase day to day performance or for rehabilitation purposes. Clients are able to utilize the fantastic gym and pilates facilities with one on one assistance from our practioners.

Therabands, pulleys and weighted techniques are used to target lower-limb muscles for specific strengthening.

We also use ‘foam rollers’ which are great for developing strength and flexibility (by deep massage) and ‘swiss balls’ for building core strength and stability.

Trigger Point Massage Techniques of the Lower-limb and Foot Mobilisation

Massage and mobilisation techniques are used at Barefoot Podiatry to treat soreness and injured structures of the foot and lower-limb.

A common massage technique use is trigger point massage (a tight knot within a muscular structure), which is where massage is used to release the trigger point. Massage increase circulation and promotes healing of the tight and sore regions and directly stretches the trigger points knotted muscle fibres.

The practioners at Barefoot Podiatry will soon be able to offer Foot Mobilisation techniques, which is alternative ‘hands on’ treatment method to treat musculo-skeletal injuries of the foot and lower-limb.


Running Technique Training

Running Technique Training

Like few health professional clinic in Adelaide, Barefoot Podiatry is one place in which can give you advice on running training and technique, whether you’re elite or just a weekend warrior trying to improve their running.

Running is often one of the hardest activities to do, without feeling awkward or getting sore after doing it. It is due to the ‘high impact’ nature of running that leads to abnormal ground reaction forces traveling through the foot and lower-limb, that can sometime lead to lower-limb overuse injuries, such has foot, shin, knee, hip and lower-back pain.

Michael is professional runner, and can assist with your running technique by assessing your technique, and give the right advice on balancing muscles that are utilized during the running action. He can also advise on the correct running drills and strengthening techniques required to optimize your running gait, and decrease your risk of injury.

Sports Specific Taping Techniques

Sports Specific Taping Techniques

Taping methods are used to treat foot and lower-limb symptoms for both sporting activities or for day to day pain and soreness. There are further taping techniques utilized to optimize structural integrity of the joints of your foot and lower-limb, and resists abnormal ground reactions forces and eliminates tissue damaging forces that lead to injury.

The taping methods are particularly useful for runners or those who play running based sports.

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